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The night of aesthetics

The night of aesthetics
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Night at Chinese by the aesthetics of traditional landscape painting of young artist Liu Suqin and the romantic French designer Mike. Pat launched, the main purpose is to create and activate the real personality and soul of city space. With the renewal of the city, and the need to retain a transformation of modern city society places its own unique Western culture background based on their unique insights on the original site, which can more fully explore the charm of the place.
With their own professional experience in urban landscape design, and further consideration of the development of social factors and cultural factors, the appropriate aesthetic transformation of the venues, which is the first step in the "aesthetic night". Secondly, according to the diversity and particularity of the venue transformation site, and then expand the match of various cultural activities, to arouse the new direction of new vitality and guide site site use benefit. From the preliminary to the site properly and in accordance with the aesthetic transformation, to obtain a continuous dynamic field, this series is to create a complete "aesthetic night", from the generation process to appear, "aesthetics of night" can include all aspects of aesthetics.
Six consecutive "aesthetic night" activities, site is located in Shekou Taizi Road No. 58: green garden and flower center. When first entering the green flower center, we found it is gradually being surrounded by the everywhere building space little green land, and later learned that green flower center as the earliest construction site in Nanshan District in 80s, with the city development, it gradually lost the original function of the historic and rare precious green again, the protection and give it life to become our desire to awaken our dream garden, one can enjoy the classical aesthetic life style in the contemporary multicultural garden in the dream. Wake up such a site potential aesthetic value on both eastern and Western cultural differences and integration of the state, but also excited. This allows us to grow and to be here on the night of the aesthetics.


Game activities

Activity time

First phase

August 1, 2015

Second phase

August 22, 2015

Third phase

September 19, 2015

Fourth phase

October 24, 2015

Fifth phase

November 21, 2015

Sixth phase

December 19, 2015

Activity theme

Iced Garden

Lady of the night

"Mr. Sai" and "mr."



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